About Us

Started in 2019 by three Tesla owners, the Tesla Owners Club of Pennsylvania is the OFFICIAL PARTNER OF THE TESLA OWNERS CLUB PROGRAM.

The group was started to provide a great way to meet and talk with people who have a similar interest in Tesla vehicles and learn and share EV insights.


Club Leadership

Founding Members:

Founder – Jon Shevelew


In 2012 I happened to stop by the Tesla store in King of Prussia. On a whim, I took a Model S performance out for a test drive. Now I’ve been a car guy most of my life with a collection that at one time exceeded 20 classic cars. I was blown away. Two years later, I bought my first Model S85. I’ve never looked back.  Now I drive a Model Y (with a Cybertruck on order). I have never looked back and can’t imagine owning anything else.  I got involved with some guys from Virginia a few years back and we started holding EV education sessions for high school students. The response was wonderful and since then I’ve also been involved with Boot Camp sessions for new Tesla owners.

After meeting Barry and Ken, it just seemed natural that the three of us should setup the first (and only) officially sanctioned Tesla club in Pennsylvania. We have a great relationship and our areas of interest compliment each other as Ken and Barry focus on events and I focus on education and training. We are thrilled that the club has gained so many members as our EV family has grown dramatically since we started.

Founder – Ken Levin

Ken Levin

Ken Levin is President and one of the club founders, has been a Tesla owner since 2017, first with a Model S and currently with a Model X. He formed the club with Barry and Jon after nearly always being the only Tesla owner present at car shows and wanting to find ways to reach out to and connect with local owners. Ken loves planning events, educating new owners and showing non-owners why EVs are the future. He lives just outside Harrisburg with his wife and three kids.

Founder – Barry Robertson