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Tesla Owners Club of Pennsylvania



Membership Benefits

There are numerous benefits from being a member.  It gives us some influence through lobbying efforts with the state, discounts on goods and services, assistance with Tesla service problem resolution, educational benefits for club members and the public as well as great opportunities to meet other like minded electric car drivers.  Being a full member also gives you access to our amazing owner support programs like the Copilot program, a hot line number for answers with a real person, etc.  Join us or upgrade your membership level today so you can take advantage of these benefits.

and Discounts

As a club member you get to enjoy discounts we have negotiated with a number of online and local businesses.  Information and links for discounts are all posted on the Discounts page.

Educational Benefits

As a club member, you will have access to a number of resources to better educate you on the use of your car and it's features.  We hold one or two virtual Tech Talks each month and also offer Boot Camp classes so you can learn about how to maximize the use of your Tesla.  We also have a Copilot Program which gives you one on one sessions to help you learn more about your car!

Social Events

Club members get to participate in our in-person social events.  In addition to our regular Cars and Coffee get togethers, we periodically have scenic drives, hook ups with clubs from neighboring states, SuperCharger openings, etc.

Owner Support

Have a question about your car or a function?  Getting a message you don't understand?  Before you call service, you can submit your question to us for resolution.  Need a faster answer, we are here with a hotline phone number you can use to talk to a real person and get help!!

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