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Winter is Coming!!! Important Read

12 Dec 2020 11:26 AM | Jon Shevelew (Administrator)

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again!

Next week, our area will begin to see inclement weather with predictions for freezing rain and snow.

This should serve as a reminder to check your tires, and react accordingly.

If you have summer/performance tires, you absolutely should have a plan to switch to either winter tires or all-season tires for the winter driving season.

Check your tread depth, and consider a rotation if you have uneven wear between your front and back tires. If your wear is uneven from side-to-side or you have "cupping" on your tires, then you may need an alignment.

While our cars are largely maintenance-free, tires are still a major consumable for any vehicle. Bad tires are one of the leading factors in preventable accidents in poor driving conditions.

Also this is a good time to make sure your wipers are up to par, and that you have no issues with your car's ability to defrost the windows and mirrors.

Lastly, be aware of the changes that cold temperatures and poor conditions have on regenerative braking. The cold temperatures, just like high battery state-of-charge, will reduce the strength of your vehicle's regenerative braking, meaning increased natural stopping distance (without hitting the brakes).

(Barry Robertson's post) In my case, I will be switching from my summer performance tire/wheel set onto my winter tires that reside on my Model 3's aero wheels. I have been watching the weather to make sure we had a good consistent break in temperatures below 40 before doing so - and it seems like next week is the time that will occur for the majority of the Pennsylvania coverage area.

Please also see Tesla Official Winter Driving Tips:


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