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10th Annual EV Exhibition First Friday Lancaster

  • 2 Sep 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • 300 North Queen St., Lancaster, PA 17603



    This is for folks who want to DISPLAY THEIR CARS as part of the exhibition. You do not need to be a TOCPA member!

Join us as we crash Lancaster First Friday for the TENTH year with tons of cool electric vehicles!  From gorgeous converted classics to production EVs that have just hit the market, there will be plenty to look at and real-live drivers to chat with about their personal EV experiences.

1. RARE, FAMOUS EV in attendance

Super jazzed to announce that we expect to feature a real EV unicorn: a mythical General Motors EV-1 from the SONY documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"  That’s right, they didn’t quite destroy all of them.  Alternative automotive buddy from back in the day Joel Anstrom (Senior Research Associate at the Larson Institute at Penn State University) will be sharing this pivotal piece of history that was basically erased from existence by the incredibly well-monied interests of big oil and auto.

2. FREE FILM showing!  

ZOETROPOLIS, the cozy, 100-seat, independent theatre a few blocks from our event, will be presenting a free showing of Who Killed the Electric Car!!  I always refer to this flick as “required viewing” though it is indeed very “watch-able.”  There’s also a bar there.  Now folks can WATCH the film and then SEE the actual GM EV-1 we were able to acquire just for this special 10th annual show.

3. RECORD-HOLDING el camino!

Super excited at the prospect of having true Maryland motorheads Arthur and Jamieson with their El Camino e-drag racer with two WarP 9’s and at least one Zilla 2k controller paired with the coveted Chrysler Pacifica hybrid batteries for max power with minimal mass.  1000 foot pounds of torque, I believe.  

4. TESLA MODEL S battery and motor demo

We’ll be sharing some of our latest work at ampREVOLT which includes reverse engineering the very best EV components on the market.

Best Year Ever

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